Five Types of Chartered Yachts

There are a number of yacht types that are available for you to charter for stated time periods and these yachts are generally designed to fit certain specifications. Here, we talk about five yachts a lot of chartering/rental service providers offer.

Understanding the Difference Between Car Leasing and Car Rental

A car lease and a car rental agreement share one factor in common; you don’t own the car. However, the two contracts are different. For a lease agreement, you hire the car for a long time while the other rental is usually for a short time.

Traverse the Dubai Desert with Ease

It is now easy to move through the Dubai desert in a reliable vehicle. Have the time of your life in the desert of Dubai. The thrill and excitement you will experience are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Discover Dubai’s Luxurious Massage Centers

Are you longing for a luxury massage treatment in Dubai? find out some of the best massage centers that provides a luxury massage of your choice to get relaxed and stay stress free

Why do you need to go to a cardiologist?

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death around the world. If you’re over the age of 50, have a family history of heart disease, or have personal health issues related to the heart, you need to go to a cardiologist. Rest assured that you are in the right place. Dubai is a revered destination for all kinds of medical professionals.

The magic of massage

What comes to our mind when we think about relaxation? A movie? A visit to the mall? Shopping? Yes, while these things do offer momentary fun they don’t really help you to de-stress. If there is one thing that works like magic on your exhausted body and fatigued mind, it is a massage, which leaves you feeling refreshed and energized to take on the challenges of the world.

Places to enjoy the near year 2019 in Dubai

Fireworks and stunning lights and pretty decorations everywhere – Dubai is where you need to be to bring in the New Year! Wondering how to make it memorable this New Year’s Eve? Here are some places in Dubai that you can hit up and enjoy with your closest friends and family.