Traverse the Dubai Desert with Ease

Imagine being driven from a luxurious hotel and taken to the middle of the open desert. Does it sound scary? Now imagine passing beautiful scenery in a luxurious 4x4 Dubai desert safari. Get to experience an adrenaline rush as you go dune bashing, try out sandboarding and bike riding. Get tuned in to nature as you go for the adventure of your life with the camp buffet. Explore new experiences with the luxurious 4x4 Dubai desert safari.

Why travel to Dubai?

Because you can book for your tour and pay on the day of arrival, your 4x4 Dubai desert safari allows cancelling up-to 24hours in advance. It provides you with convenience at your fingertips. But before withdrawing, you must know what you will be missing. Your guide for the day will pick you up from your hotel to towering red dune dancing in the wind. Enjoy a mind-blowing tour scenery on your way to the desert. Experience convenience, as your driver gives you a private stop tour at your request. Discover the desert experience for up to seven hours engaging in fun activities. Pick the events you want to explore choosing from a range of options. Enjoy a four-course meal or buffet, all fresh, tasty and hot. You can sip through Arabian coffee with dates. With a 4x4 Dubai desert safari, the customer is king.

4x4 Dubai Desert Safari

Probably you want to miss out on the dune ride. An excellent alternative to the 4x4 Dubai desert safari can be going on a long camel ride. Get in touch with the Emirati culture. You can watch bread and coffee making and enjoy falcon shows. Interact with both the camels and the Falcons. Watch the sunset. Take amazing professional photos packaged in a USB for your convenience. Later on, have a four-course dinner while watching belly dancing in a tented camp. Then, be picked up by a 4x4 Dubai desert safari back to your hotel room.

Experience diversity

Diversity makes the world beautiful. A 4x4 Dubai dessert safari understands this and gives you a royalty retreat. Dubai deserts are not just sand on open space. They are rich with a mix of Bedouin and Emirati culture. Enjoy falcon shows, belly dancing, fast-spinning tanoura dance, dune drive skids, and Bedouin –style Camp. Get henna tattoos or smoke shisha before the barbecue. Watch the sun go down and capture this amazing moment. The 4x4 Dubai desert safari offers you fun, a bonding session, relieves you of stress to get an experience of the more beautiful things of life.

Your tour includes a wide range of activities. A 4x4 Dubai desert safari helps you explore your sportsmanship and creative side. You can take amazing photos that will remind you of the trip. Alternatively, you can decide to take a bike tour or a buggy drive. For a more personal experience, you can have a private tour example, visit the butterfly garden, miracle garden and even enjoy limo rides. If you want to experience excellent service, 4x4 Dubai desert safari offers you so much more.