Five Types of Chartered Yachts

If you are considering getting yourself a luxury yacht in Dubai for a party, a holiday getaway, a meeting, maybe a race or just a casual couple of hours at sea and you don’t own a yacht of your own, your best bet is to charter one for the occasion. At seven yachts we offer a variety of options for you to choose from for an elite experience. But before you make that decision, how informed are you about the yachts you can get? Here are five different yacht tour Dubai Marina charter options you might find from different service providers.

Super Yacht Charters

These sit at the top of our list because they are the crème de la crème as far as yachts are concerned. They provide 5 Star services for up to 12 people with the widest range of available amenities including spas, gourmet dining, cinemas, swimming pools, etc. They are the most expensive on the list and they are the most luxurious too.

Super Yacht Charters

Motor Yacht Charters

Motor Yacht Charters are another great luxurious option that caters to a slightly smaller budget and the number of people than the superyachts. They often provide an onboard chef and a whole crew to attend to the yacht. These are a great choice for private luxury on a budget.

Event Yacht Charters

These are quite the luxury statement, parties, meetings, buffet shows or any other event types held on a yacht that’s also cruise. You’re killing two birds with one stone and that’s something we all try to do when we can. If you looking to provide a fully catered party or meeting, you might consider chartering an event yacht.

Sailing Yacht Charters

This option comes in as laid back as well as very luxurious. You enjoy a sail in a spacious and beautifully crafted sea voyager, maybe with a few friends, your family or all by yourself. You are given a crew to attend to the yacht and you enjoy the cruise and the sea breeze. It is as luxurious and budget-friendly as they come in a single package.

Catamaran Yacht Charters

Catamaran Yacht Charters

These are also very budget-friendly for family trips or cruises with friends. They have very spacious decks and two parallel so you and your friends, family or guests can have fun on the decks or in the cabins in the hulls.

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