Cortege Decoration

Flowery decorationWedding Cars UAE offers a wide range of car decorations and accessories for rent. The service includes not only actual items rental, but also design development and installation of the chosen elements. Our professional designers are ready to provide a number of finery components and ready-made compositions.

Bands, lace, ribbons and bows impart lightness, transparency and splendor to a vehicle. The dominant color palette shouldn't be bright and garish. It is advisable not to chose dark and deep shades, like brown, black, gray and mossy. Universal options, as major colors are white, ivory, creamy and beige. Slight colorful accents should be also included into a cortege decoration. Textile strips flutter and shimmer while a cortege is moving.



Cortege decorationA classic type of wedding cars decoration is flowers and flowery arrangements. Flowers can be natural or artificial, depending on an event budget and personal preferences. However, natural flowers are more impressive and elegant. Floral elements can be attached to a hood, a bumper, a trunk, a roof or door-handles. The most popular and favorite flower types at this point are roses and lilies. To provide our clients a fresh floral decoration we have done a partnership with Dubai's online flower shop - Glamour Rose The Wedding Cars UAE specialists will take care of all organizational procedures in order to keep flowers fresh and fragrant till the end of the evening.

Textile is also widely used at Wedding Cars UAE for cortege decoration. We choose qualitative materials, which keep shape and representative look in any road and weather conditions. We are ready to offer a variety of satin, organza, tulle, silk and veiling textiles. Fabrics can be also performed in different patterns and textures for the most ambitious and capturing looks.