Me and my husband were considering a vehicle option for a wedding day, taking into account functionality and design. Despite our worries, a vintage vehicle was capacious and comfortable. Interior was very neat, clean, without foreign smells: we could see that a car has been constantly maintained and serviced. Thanks to Wedding Cars UAE for an excellent business approach!

Rosie and Rafael


Our biggest concern was related to a chauffeur service, as we pay close attention to a driving manner. Our driver was very calm during the whole day, smiling and joking with us, we had a great relaxing time! Also we were always in time: for a registration, a banquette and a photo shoot. We could say that our driver appreciates customers and their experience! Thank you!

Sherry and Corey


I was surprised how spacious retro cars are! The car was created for my puffy wedding dress! I felt comfortable there, had enough room for legs, and even managed to take a few pictures inside the car with a photographer. Vintage car style was supported by retro music and classic champagne glasses, provided by Wedding Cars UAE: details matter! It was a nice wedding trip, thank you!

Ana and Stuart


We would like to emphasize a great job of the office managers. We were explained rental terms in detail, had a comprehensive excursion through a car fleet and offered additional services with discounts. As a result, we hired an amazing car according specifically to our wedding concept, style and budget. Thank you!

Maria and Juan

Happy Clients