Love Your Liver: Eat Healthy Foods


We live in a modern society which has many advantages but the sad part is it is giving us over processed livers. Over processed means over worked and over loaded as our liver has to work a lot when we eat processed or fried foods. This is the reason the liver fails to process toxins and fats in a way that is required. The technology has become so advanced that now in a big city like Abu Dhabi you can easily get your destroyed liver transplanted and this facility is provided in medical centers in Abu Dhabi but we should try to keep our livers cleansed and healthy with the use of good food rather than junk food because liver is an organ that can be easily wasted if its good care is not taken, and once its wasted its gone.

The liver is almost same as the size of a football and resides on the right side under the lower rib cage. It has a number of important functions to do like it cleans your blood by removing the harmful chemicals made by the body, it releases bile which helps in the breaking of fats from food and it stores sugar in the form of glucose which provides you energy in the time of need.

Keeping the liver in a healthy condition is not a difficult task. It only requires a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle does not only mean to avoid bad things and eat or drink things that provide nourishment to the liver. It is quite more than that.

How to take Care for Your Liver

You can take care of your liver in many ways.

Stop drinking too much alcohol as it destroys the liver cells and causes their swelling or scarring. This condition is called cirrhosis which is mostly fatal. According to the guidelines provided by the US government, men should drink not more than two drinks and for women it is only one drink a day.

Your liver will be thankful to you if you eat a balanced diet and do regular exercises. If you continue this routine, you can keep your weight under control which is helpful in preventing NAFLD ( non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) which leads to cirrhosis.

Certain medicines like some cholesterol drugs have adverse effects on the liver and can cause liver problems and the pain killer acetaminophen if taken too much can damage your liver. Too much acetaminophen means that this drug is present in many cold medicines and pain killers so it will be difficult for you to realize how much of this drug have you taken.

Some medicines are harmful when you are drinking alcohol while taking them and some can hurt you when they are combined with other drugs. Learn the different types of hepatitis and their pattern of spreading, their vaccinations and their treatments. To reduce the risks of spreading hepatitis, don’t share your toothpastes, razors or needles.

Keep your liver healthy, obtain a healthy lifestyle and take medicines safely. The liver is a very forgiving organ but it has its limits. If you are suffering from any liver problem, contact us which is a medical center in Abu Dhabi and provides you full assistance including the tests, investigations and treatment without giving you any inconvenience