How To Buy The Freshest Flowers Every Time?

Fresh Flowers Delivery Dubai

Fresh flowers are a hard thing to find, probably because most people have no idea how to buy them.

Without the proper knowledge of how to check for freshness, you will not get the best bang for your buck, and they will go bad very soon.

A lot like buying food items, for which freshness plays a very important role, like fruit, fish, and vegetables, fresh flowers need to be picked carefully, or you would have wasted your money.

So to help you be sure you make the right choice every time, and get the best in return for what you are paying for, this article about fresh flowers delivery dubai – MyFLowers gives you the guidance you need.

Check Petals

Just like checking the freshness of a fish by touching and pressing it, you can check flowers if they are in their best state as well.

You can do this by running your fingers from the petal to the stem, which should not be too soft.

When you move your fingers under the petals, check if you hear a rustling sound. This is an indication of the freshness of the flowers.

Don’t buy the flowers if they feel wet in your hands, or if they do not feel solid.

Checking Freshness By Looks

There are several signs you can check when you are looking for fresh flowers. The most important ones are related to the petals.

Don’t buy them if certain parts of the petals are very dark, fading, becoming brown, or wilting.

Closed Buds

One of the best ways to make sure your flowers are fresh, and even make them last longer, is to buy the ones with buds that have not fully bloomed.

Freshest Flowers

This is especially useful when there is a period of time you have to wait to gift them or use them in your house.

You can make sure they bloom properly buy keeping them in fresh water.

Checking The Stem

The stem is the green long part by which you hold the flower. It should be green and firm to touch.

Don’t buy flowers with stems that have become dark in color, or soft. This indicates that they have absorbed bacteria, which will continue to spread through the flower, later affecting the petals as well.

Check The Water At The Store

The water used to keep the flowers and its cleanliness affects the flowers that sit in as well.

So try not to buy flowers that were stored in water that looks dirty or discolored.