Get Familiar With The Supports And Equipments For Video Stabilization

When a videographer sees a camcorder, the first instinct is to pick it up, hold it in hands near eyes and start the shoot. It is not just an abrupt move; it is what lies inside the videographer, the urge, the craving to bring out amazing shoots from video camera. But there is a clear chance that your first video could be a bit shaky. No doubt those shaky videos have got a place in the industry. The reality shows, MTV and horror movies project would be unreal without this shaky feature, produced by the hands of a videographer. But when it comes to stable movie shooting, shaky videos are considered the output of amateurs. Viewers always get the idea of homemade videos when they see the shaking footages. Stability is what they expect prom professionals. This is where the need of camera stabilization system increased for the filmmaking professional and they need support like the one provided by DJI Ronin which can hold cameras up to 16 pounds with precision of control.

If producing video is not just a hobby and you are serious about it, then you should take out few moments to get familiar with the supports and equipments available for smooth movement and camcorder stabilization. The type of the support really affects the look of your footage.


Widely used all over the world, tripod is the easiest stabilization tool. There is a variety of tripods available with number of advantages. The best advantage is the ability to shoot for so many hours and you don’t have to hold it to make your right side of the body cramp. The shoot is stable and rock solid. You have to place the camera on the head of the tripod stand which is connected to the legs. For tilt and pan controls fluid mounting head is preferred which provides variable adjustment drag and resistance. You can pivot the mounting head to pan and tilt while changing position, framing and composition of the shoot. The changes in the height of your tripod stand can change the framing and compostion of shoot drastically.


Dollies are like a large cart or a trolley which allows the camcorder to roll from one position to several by carrying it on tracks. The smallest dolly used in videos is called crab dolly and it is nothing but a set of wheels into which tripod is locked. Dolly is useful when it comes to perspective of zoom in and out. As the videographer moves the camera away from the subject the wide angle or telephoto settings can be achieved by zooming in and out. When the setting is o wide angle the backgrounds seems farther away and larger than the subject. You can change framing by moving the camcorder laterally in the dolly. The illusion of vertigo has been created in many movies by moving the dolly away from the subject and zooming in at the same time.


An affordable option as compare to the cranes. A camera arm which is remote control and designed for the photography of motion picture. The DJI Ronin is a camera stabilization system with Custom built ultra-fast processors and extremely accurate sensors. If you are willing to buy the cost-effective DJI Ronin, the visit UnitedBroadcast.