What to keep in mind when printing invitations

Are you planning an event in Dubai? After deciding on the theme of your party, it’s time to finalize the guest list. Some people prefer to post invitations while others are opting for e-invites to save time and money. Personally, the feeling of receiving one in the mail is indescribable. So, you want to send out invitations in style and impress everyone from the get-go. After all, an invitation card is a sneak peek of what your event will be like. Here are tips on how to design, order, print, seal and deliver your invitations with as little hassle as possible.

  1. Coordinate colorsInvitation printing

    Incorporate the theme and colors into your invitations. This will carry the concept of your party from the very beginning. Coordinate the color scheme with the card, liner and envelope.

  2. Legibility

    When selecting the color scheme, make sure that the text is legible. The ink should contrast with the background, making the words pop out. Similarly, the pattern on the card should not interfere with the content. Remember to select a font that is legible. Curvy, stylish letterings make the invitation appear elegant, but sometimes they not that easy to read.

  3. Mention the basics

    When writing the body of your invitation, don’t overcrowd it with unnecessary information. List the key points such as the type of ceremony, name of the person whom this occasion has been planned for, location, time, date, and RSVP information.

  4. Proofread

    Make sure you choose the right words. Before printing begins, the editor will send you a proof. Read it carefully. It is advisable to ask someone else, like a friend or colleague, to scrutinize it just in case you missed any spelling mistakes. Double check to see if the time and date are printed accurately.

  5. Start earlyColorlines

    As soon as everything is finalized, start the invitation printing in Dubai, which has lately transformed into a social hub. You want your guests to be able to save the date for your event. It can take a few days or weeks to print the invitations depending upon how fancy they are. Ideally, you should have your cards in the mail at least 6 weeks before the occasion.

  6. RSVP

    Make sure to include RSVP information, whether it is on the same card or on a separate one. This depends upon your budget. The idea is to get a headcount of the number of people who will be attending. This information then has to be relayed to the caterer and vendor so that food, seating arrangements, and decor can be organized accordingly.

  7. Cost

    You can pick any size or shape of the card depending upon the event. However, keep in mind that the bulkier the card, the more the expense of mailing them out. The number of enclosures you include will add up, not only of printing them but because of the additional weight. The cost of printing invites is linked to the quantity, design, ink and paper that you choose.

Source: www.colorlinesuae.ae